Friday, May 11, 2012

Exercise (It's good for the soul)

I've been on a "get right" kick lately and trying my darnedest to fit some kind of workout in my daily activities. Its rough but it'll be worse when I go to wear something and can't because my lack of self esteem. My dress code doesn't require a super toned body but my goal is to be able to slouch without worrying about my blubber print showing through my shirt. The only way I can make that happen of course is through exercise and a bit of food restriction. I want to stick with it this time so I decided to add on the May Fitness Challenge as a way of sticking to and documenting my progress.
Is anyone else participating in the challenge?
How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Older Siblings' Baby Knowledge

Most parents believe they thoroughly know their children but with outside sources of knowledge and those topics you never thought to discuss, is it even possible to fully know your children and their thought process?
A few days ago, I decided to freshen up on my baby knowledge with this month-by-month parent guide called, "What to Expect the First Year." I bought it right before giving birth to my oldest daughter back in 2004 and it had some great information that even experience wouldn't give. Thorough explanations and old wives tales confirmed or busted. This book is honestly all that.
There was this one section with baby safety tips which were mainly common sense but with a few "I didnt think of that" tips. The one tip that really made me think was "Never leave baby alone in a room with a sibling who is under five years old. A game of peekaboo affectionately played by a preschooler could result in tragic suffocation for an infant. A loving but overly enthusiastic bear hug could crack a rib." Gasp. I know my daughters and I know I've raised them well (though I sometimes question that). I am pretty realistic with them and make sure to discuss various what if scenarios with them to help get their minds jogging. SN: I'm sorry but this world is too dangerous to limit our conversations to dress up and tea parties. I know that I can't always be there and that there are things beyond my control but I rather keep my children informed and as prepared as possible.
Anyway (so off topic), this tip prompted me to conduct a quick check on knowledge with the girls. I'd ask my 4 year old a question then ask my 7 year old second just to be sure there wasn't any copying. Well my 4 year old was doing great until I asked if it was okay to play peekaboo with a blanket or pillow over my son's face. My heart sunk when she said yes. We've been so focused on warning them about the obvious that we didn't think of little peekaboo games. Needless to say, we all had a very long talk.
Is there anything that you thought your child knew about safety but then found out the hard way that they didn't have a clue? What did you do?

Reality check

Ever since I can remember, I've always had focus issues. My poor attention span has sometimes stopped me from completing projects, following directions, hearing whole stories, being professional, etc. I was once in my supervisor's office getting chewed out and half way through he caught me in lala land. I don't know when he lost me but I can clearly recall thinking about the discoloration along his gum line. His gum line then reminded me of my dental appt. My dental appointment then reminded me of the time I told my dentist that when I floss or use a toothpick, I usually irritate my gums until it hurts really good and my dentist just stared at me for what seemed like two very awkward minutes.
That's the randomness of my thought pattern. I have a little over 5,000 ideas a day and I start 40% of those ideas a day. I complete 5% of those ideas a month. The real problem is that although I wish I could get more done in less time, I am actually okay with it. I make plans to be better at sticking to plans but those plans usually fall through so what I won't do is pretend to be focused. I've had so many Makeover accomplishments in this house that I haven't blogged about because as soon as I complete a mission I add more to it and end up moving on to something else. I take pictures but have so many ideas on how I should display them that I end up not displaying them. world :)
So how can I make this work? I will accept that things aren't perfect and share my efforts even if it's not complete and perfect. Step by step, day by day. Starting tomorrow lol.
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