Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 2, Prep and Paint (Bedrooms)

Today was pretty hectic. I had an OB appt that took up the whole morning so hubby had to start on the house without me :( By the time I got to the paint store after my appt, it was already closed so we didn't get to enjoy their super sweet sale which ends on Monday. So since our goal is to have the bedrooms all painted before the furniture arrives (on Monday @ 8), we had to go to Home Depot and get the pricey paint. We had already purchased enough primer for the Master Bedroom from Walmart so for the kids' rooms we bought the $32 Disney Color, BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ Interior Eggshell Enamel. It's a primer/paint combo that actually covers pretty well. The first coat almost looked good enough to leave as is but since I suck at painting, the first coat wasn't exactly in as is condition. The edges sucked and there were random blank patches everywhere.

This is the kid's room before the madness began.
 My hubby would not let me paint over the holes then hide the scars with decor :(

This is the first coat of "Ariels Song."

This is our room...before the madness.
 It is now primed and ready for some real action tomorrow.

With all things considered, I think we had a pretty decent day 2. I'll be starting day 3 off solo but hopefully I get a lot accomplished before my mother-in-law gets here. She's going to help us with everything but has to leave Thursday so the faster we get done, the more time we get to relax and laugh. My goal is to complete both kids room's before 2pm (even though I paint in slow motion). It will get done. You'll see :)

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