Friday, October 28, 2011

Our house in a nutshell

This is our home. The truck in the driveway is sadly no longer with us. It was stolen two weeks ago from the designated parking lot behind my husband's office in the City of Chicago smh. Oh well...  moving on.

 I would so love to paint the trimming a deep turqouise but my husband can't seem to see what I see. I just hate all that brown. It's just too much but white trimming is out of the question. We are not a white trimmings type of family (no offense to my mom lol). I will get my way.
 This is our sweet super plain back porch/slab of concrete. I would like a wooden deck instead but we'll see. For now we'll throw our bar and tables on the slab and make do.

 This pine tree definitely needs upkeep. We may take the branches up high enough to build something underneath the tree and POSSIBLY hang a swing on one of the branches. Sounds impossible but my husband thinks he can make it happen.
 A lot of yard space for the garden and the kids.
We definitely have our work cut out for us! Definitely! We won't be doing much with outside till next summer but if I can get atleast the trimmings in the front of the house done, I'll be content.


  1. Congratulations on your new home! Your yard is huge! So sweet of you to add a swing for your children!

  2. Thanks!! The swing actually came with the house so we didn't even have to set up their old play house or slides. We might just give the other stuff away on freecycle. I'm just glad we can provide them with all the things we did and didn't have growing up. Glad we can give them an outside area big enough for them to use their outside voices as they please lol.


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