Friday, October 28, 2011

We bought it!!

Today is our official Day 1 in our new home. We're not sleeping there yet but we own it :) We have the keys, the garage door opener, oh and the title to prove it!! We were so excited that we didn't take one happy "first time homebuyers" picture... even though I kept reminding myself to :( but oh well. We'll take some tomorrow. Fortunately, we already have a million pictures of the house to post tonight since we've been stalking it weekly since we made the initial offer lol (weirdos, I know). So we're going to record our journey of before and afters with major focus on organizing and simple solutions through trial, error, and outside ideas. I am sooooooo pumped but I know there are going to be some rough times. So far there are a lot of changes I would like to immediately make to our house but realistically that's not going to happen. We bought the house because it fit our preference as far as location, lot size, square footage, and overall potential. We knew we had to have a garage, a minimum of four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a yard big enough for our garden and our three (soon to be four) kids. This place met it all BUT it needs some spicing up. We will start our Day 2 with a lot of cleaning and painting. We'll be getting our household goods on Monday so we definitely need to finish painting before then. I'm pretty sure we can do it! We'll see.

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