Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back Yard Semi-Makeover!

Since it's winter time there isn't much yard beautification that can be done but you know what can be done? Yard cleansification :) Good ole cutting, digging, trimming, chipping and cleaning. So we got to the biggest eye sore in our backyard: this huge pine tree! Don't get me wrong...I think it's beautiful but it's tooooo big. It took up most of our yeard space.
Before (above)
 So to resolve this issue, we decided to take the limbs up a bit.

Ok maybe a lot. It was necessary. We would like to add a bench and a swing later on so yup, this was necessary. Our neighbors were so excited. Apparently they've been begging the previous owners to do something with it but according to them, the guy was pretty lazy so it never happened. This tree hadn't been touched in so long that a lot of the branches grew into the ground! This was definitely a major project.

When we were done raking, chopping, and bagging. Our neighbor pulled his chipper over to the ditch behind our tree line (which is packed with old tree branches, trash and other random stuff that the previous owners threw back there). So my husband started filling this unsafe ditch with the chippings from our pine tree and some of the old branches that the homeowner left for us. We plan on chipping all the old wood that's just laying around back there, throwing away all the trash, cutting down some of the bushes and trees back there, then planting some nice plants back there. There are going to be a lot of angry homeless skunks but it has to be done.

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