Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revamping our Kitchen and Dining Area

Welcome to our kitchen/dining room. Pretty plain I know. The green counter tops are killing me (no offense to those who love it). There is no excitement or personality in here but that's going to eventually change. I have big dreams for this space and I'm going to make it happen no matter how long it takes.
So what do I want?
Color, order, character and whip appeal. I want my kitchen to woo.

Our kitchen
Our sink area
 There's obviously something missing as far as the cabinets are concerned. We thought island but then that would be way too much so then it hit me: remove the four lonely cabinets on the left and replace it with a tall pantry and a bar. Boom!
  1. Green counter turns to black counter.
  2. Add corner shelves to the cabinets top and bottom on the right side.
  3. The refrigerator has already been replaced with a black one (accidentally) so we'd like to eventually replace all the kitchen appliances with black ones.
  4. Paint color: "Dandelion," Pantry color: "Turqouise".
  5. Window treatment over sink: "Tangerine Yellow".
  6. Backsplash undecided.

Bar (HGTV)

Pantry (Design by Ana White)
Pantry order (via

Black counters (HGTV)

Corner shelves (HGTV)

Kitchen colors (Design Seeds)

Our dining area

  1. Window treatment: A combination of blinds, turqouise window panels w/ a black rod
  2. Paint color will be the same as kitchen.
  3. Our dining room table is a dark cherry wood.
  4. We have a buffet that we started sanding back in 2009 lol. We will finish it sometime in the near future and put center it on the wall across from the window. Not sure if my mother-in-law would appreciate us painting it a bright color instead of just staining it but we'll find out.
  5. We have several huge mirrors in our basement so we'll just pick one, paint it and hang it over the buffet.

Wall Decor (The Inspired Room)

Mirror and chandelier (Miss Mustard Seed)

Chandeliers (Pottery Barn)

Wall Decor (House Beautiful)

I would like to make this our long term food storage closet. We might have to tear out the wall between this and the closet directly behind it and make one big food storage area. We'll see how it works out as is first. For now there isn't much I want to change.

Our pantry
  1. I'd like to make all the trimming white.
  2.  Replace these shelves with something more durable.

Food storage (Prepared LDS family)

Food storage (Living Prepared)


  1. It looks like you've got some great inspiration here! I love the mason jar chandelier. Do you have a pinterest account? If not, I think you'd love it for making online bulletin boards of ideas for your redecorating.

  2. My pinterest account is the reason its so hard for me to settle with one idea! I get so caught up with all the different things I can do. I got most of these inspiration photos from there.


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