Monday, November 7, 2011

Short Post (NEW CURTAINS!!)

I have a lot of updates to post but I only have time to write about our sweet room colors and these sweet new curtains I ordered from UrbanOutfitters. The curtains will definitely tie in the millions of colors we have in our room which is an added bonus. I may post a full Master Bedroom "after" picture sooner than later. It all depends on whether I can get the dresser painted and back in the room before our super busy weekend begins.
We painted our room a BEHR Cherry Tart and a BEHR Solar Fusion. I couldn't see my husband's vision until it was all said and done but now I love it. I'd like to paint all the trims white but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. We still have boxes full of clothing in our room. It bothers me but with our work schedule we probably won't be done unpacking until next week sigh...but I'll do as much as I can before Friday.
Woodland Garden Curtain $39.00
Still, aren't these curtains gorgeous. I wish I was home earlier to take a picture of these sweet curtains in a brighter setting :( Oh well. I will be sure to post more updates by Friday.

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