Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas Dining Decor!

 We've finally added a little Christmas joy to our dining room. As I strolled waddled through the aisles of Joann Fabric & Craft, I saw the cutest miniature village items ever! I thought back on the tray and blanket of snow I bought from Target and I knew I had to have a mini village as my centerpiece. We're still setting up other portions of the house (still moving in) so we haven't been able to focus much on decorating for the holidays but we'll do as much as we can this year and end next year with a bang :)  As you can see, I tried to get a little fancy with my little camera (Droid Incredible). It's the best I can do for now lol.
A little curtain decor
My Centerpiece

Scrapbook Accessories
Mini Christmas Tree (Before)

Mini Christmas Tree (After)
My first attempt at making a pillow cover

This is last weeks button  


  1. Hi there, Dia! Visiting from {IRL}, thanks for your comment on my baking station! I love how your blog is organized! Your project tasks all itemized is so inspiring!! I'm working my way towards that kind of organization!
    A tip for your cookie cutters... If you have room in a cupboard for storing cookie cutters, why not try a little plastic drawer unit like the one Toni uses for her desk supplies here? Well, she uses 2 3-drawer things but I use 1 5-drawer thing myself and would recommend something like that, labeled by holiday or theme, for your cookie cutters! ;)

  2. Thanks! That's a sweet idea. I might even be able to fit it inside our baking cabinet since it's so deep. We would need a 5 drawer one vs the 3 drawer ones we currently have on hand. I'm starting to realize that extra space encourages cluttler in our family lol. So when I organize I like to find exact fits.


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