Thursday, January 5, 2012

A closer look at the "treasures" in my bedroom

I was looking at my dresser this morning and thought back on my last update on our bedroom. I realized that I didn't really say much about the little things like my crystal bowls which were acquired from my tour in Germany (2003-2005) since buying crystal was hip back then lol. I bought some of the other things from various thrifts stores, Walmart, and Home Goods. I really believe it's the little things that really make a room unique so by the time I'm done with this room, there will be knick knacks and memory jerkers everywhere. For now, I need to find a way to incorporate everything without making our room look like a hoarder's nest. Gotta keep it organized!

Picture frames from Walmart

Cute little cast iron birdie from a thrift store in Springfield, IL
One of the many crystal bowls I bought when I was stationed in Germany

Bought this sweet basket @ the Armstrong University's Art Festival (Savannah, GA)
Vase bought at Home Goods

I believe I bought this bowl at a thrift store in Savannah, GA

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  1. I love love the cast iron bird! Your display is nice. The photo frames are very pretty. I'll check our Walmart to see if they have them.
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. Thanks, I fell in love when I first saw the bird. Those 3 frames were the last ones in our Walmart so I was kind of disappointed. I love decorative frames like that but I can't seem to find any decorative wall frames in my area. I might just have to look a little harder online. Home Goods is a great source for all things cute but not a good idea if you're really trying to stick to a budget lol.


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