Friday, April 20, 2012

Older Siblings' Baby Knowledge

Most parents believe they thoroughly know their children but with outside sources of knowledge and those topics you never thought to discuss, is it even possible to fully know your children and their thought process?
A few days ago, I decided to freshen up on my baby knowledge with this month-by-month parent guide called, "What to Expect the First Year." I bought it right before giving birth to my oldest daughter back in 2004 and it had some great information that even experience wouldn't give. Thorough explanations and old wives tales confirmed or busted. This book is honestly all that.
There was this one section with baby safety tips which were mainly common sense but with a few "I didnt think of that" tips. The one tip that really made me think was "Never leave baby alone in a room with a sibling who is under five years old. A game of peekaboo affectionately played by a preschooler could result in tragic suffocation for an infant. A loving but overly enthusiastic bear hug could crack a rib." Gasp. I know my daughters and I know I've raised them well (though I sometimes question that). I am pretty realistic with them and make sure to discuss various what if scenarios with them to help get their minds jogging. SN: I'm sorry but this world is too dangerous to limit our conversations to dress up and tea parties. I know that I can't always be there and that there are things beyond my control but I rather keep my children informed and as prepared as possible.
Anyway (so off topic), this tip prompted me to conduct a quick check on knowledge with the girls. I'd ask my 4 year old a question then ask my 7 year old second just to be sure there wasn't any copying. Well my 4 year old was doing great until I asked if it was okay to play peekaboo with a blanket or pillow over my son's face. My heart sunk when she said yes. We've been so focused on warning them about the obvious that we didn't think of little peekaboo games. Needless to say, we all had a very long talk.
Is there anything that you thought your child knew about safety but then found out the hard way that they didn't have a clue? What did you do?


  1. Hi Dia, What a cute baby. You are truly blessed again.
    I see you are following on my old blog "Tea on the Terrace." I'd like to invite you to visit and hopefully follow on the one I am doing now:

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Oh, and I'm following you here now too.


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